Is the "Elixir of Life" or "The Fountain of Youth" just a mythical legend?

Let's Explore What Healing Traditions Across Thousands of Years Have to Say

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What ingredients are inside the diVINE HUMAN Original Elixir?

The Ancient and Modern History of ORMUS Alchemy

Barry Carter, considered by many to be the Father of the modern ORMUS community, used the word superconductivity to describe ORMUS and it's effect in combination with biological systems such as human bodies. He believed that Ormus may enhance the flow of energy (as a vibrational frequency seen as light) within microtubules found inside every cell.

ORMUS material is not a solid, liquid, gas or plasma. It is another type of matter altogether, one that is present and yet spectroscopically invisible in common analytical procedures. It is a naturally occurring substance in the food we eat, water we drink and air we breathe.

It is believed that ORMUS interacts with "the field" or "quantum field", a layer of our reality believed by many to be a big infinite ocean of knowingness (aka akashic records, God, spirit realm, 4d/5d etc.)

A substance has been found to profoundly focus the life-force energy; some would call the life force energy Chi, Prana etc. It has been observed that this substance thereby supercharging the life form exposed to it or supercharges the person that consumes it. This substance is called Ormus, M-State, Amrit etc. It is actually Trillions of mono-atomic Elements found concentrated in the substance.  Structurally is described as a substance compromised of mono-atomic elements or Ormus. This substance includes Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Iridium, Mercury, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Platinum and Gold.

There is evidence that Alchemists from Europe, Egypt, India, and China extracted Ormus; mostly used by the ruling classes and some highly evolved spiritual masters. 

Ormus does nothing itself other than to awaken natural abilities in a life form; to include animal, plant, human etc.

Some believe ORMUS is the original Manna mentioned in the Old Testament Bible and MKFZT, a ceremonial sacrament reserved for use by the Pharaohs of Egypt.

In modern times, it was discovered by a farmer, David Hudson, in Arizona in the 1970s who funded extensive research on the properties and mysteries of this element.


Navapashanam Water and the Siddha Traditions

Navapashanam means nine poisons. These poisons are herbs and minerals, when combined and processed in just the right way results in an alchemical transformation. We are calling Navapashanam concentrated Love or High Cosmic Energy. We know from cooking that the attitude and feelings of the cook have something to do with the taste. In the case of Navapashanam, it is the same understanding. The mental, emotional and spiritual state of the Master when making Navapashanam is a most important ingredient! And, since Navapashanam is the High Cosmic Energy, which we are calling Unconditional-Love, and Love is a known ingredient in all spiritual and religious traditions, Navapashanam is a generic support to and for all people’s physical, emotional and spiritual/religious well being and advancement.

Navapashanam awakens the Self to balance all energy centers called chakras, and to regenerate reproductive systems. Navapashanam wakens the Self to transmute dis-ease which is said to be negative energy. The Awakened Self purifies the blood, strengthens the central nervous system as well as the digestive, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. Navapashanam awakened Self restores youthful vigor by rebalancing the internal five elemental energies, earth, water, fire, wind and ether thus increasing the ‘Cosmic Fire’ also known as the Life Force. Navapashanam awakened Self dramatically increases the ability to absorb and retain energy as well as reduces the need for food and sleep.

Dipping the Navapashanam bead Talisman in water, oil, milk or honey and drinking it awakens the Self. The awakened self knows how to reverse all kinds of ill energy and to energetically rejuvenate the body. Each Talisman lasts more than a lifetime!

These extraordinary Navapashanam power objects should be shown the highest respect for it’s supreme life sustaining transformative energy. To receive Navapashanam Elixir, let alone to possess a Navapashanam Talisman, is an honor and a privilege of unimaginable proportions. Navapashaman, being solidified High Cosmic Energy, is beyond the understanding of western science and medicine, yet some western spiritual psychologies have an understanding of the healing properties of Love as do most western religions. Navapashanam promises nothing, claims to cure nothing, and takes no credit for curing anything. All healing is the Self healing Itself.

Pouring water, milk, honey or other liquids over a Navapashanam Talisman rapidly super charges the liquid with High Cosmic Energy which is Unconditional Love. When One drinks this charged liquid, the liquid works rapidly to invigorate and awakens every cell to it’s true nature through an Awakened Heart of Love. Our True Nature is high cosmic life force that has a self healing and rejuvenating ability. The result of drinking this elixir is an awakened increasing creative & spiritual power. With an awakened creative and spiritual power, an individual will have the deep clarity and understanding necessary to heal themselves.

It is believed that Siddha Bogar over 5000 years ago combined 4448 rare herbs into 9 poisonous Siddha herbal medicines. When these 9 poisons are combined the result is Navapashanam.It is said from the results that as milk and the other liquid or sandalwood paste touches a statue or Talisman made of Navapashanam it becomes an energized herbal medicine. It is known to awaken an individual’s understanding of and connection to high cosmic life force energy. The awakened self then transforms through balancing the dis-eases known to man.

For more information about Siddha Herbal Medicine and the Siddhas of South India, you may read “Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition” from Marshall Govindan or “Siddhas – Masters of the Basics” from Pal Pandian.